Data submitted to the NeMO Archive is hosted both at the NeMO site, and mirrored on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Data at NeMO falls into two broad categories: public data, or data that can be freely distributed with the wider research community, and private data, data distributable only to a select group of users due to the nature of the data, e.g. human data with consent requirements needing data access.

For more information on procedures for accessing private or restricted data, please see the accessing controlled data page under the resource tab.

The Data Portal allows for searching of available samples including faceted and advanced searches based on assay type, metadata fields, and data characteristics. The Browse data option shows datasets available through a directory structure allowing users to download datasets generated by particular groups or as released for a publication (e.g.

Public data at NeMO can be accessed from the NeMO site using three methods, HTTP, Aspera, and the NeMO command line client. In addition, we have partnered with the Brain Cell Data Center (BCDC) and the Broad Institute to make it easy to work with the NeMO GCP data mirror within the Terra ( Cloud-native Data platform.

Access method documentation is available at the links below:

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