Accessing Controlled Access Data

In addition to the public data available via the NeMO HTTP Browser and the NeMO Data Portal, the archives also host a number of restricted, or controlled access, datasets. Here you will find available datasets, instructions for requesting access, and preliminary download account instructions.

Restricted Datasets

The following datasets will be the initial sets made available for controlled access. Additional datasets will be added as we receive Institutional Certification documents. If you think your dataset is missing, please contact us via the NeMO Website feedback form.

Dataset PI Description Funding Source Data Use Limitations
Shen_3D_epigenome Yin Shen Cell type-specific 3D epigenomes in the developing human cortex: Here, we analyze cis-regulatory chromatin interactions, open chromatin peaks, and transcriptomes for radial glia, intermediate progenitor cells, excitatory neurons, and interneurons isolated from mid-gestational human cortex samples. Limited by terms of the Data Use Certification, requestor must provide documentation of local IRB approval
kriegstein_sc_10x Arnold Kriegstein A Cellular Resolution Census of the Developing Human Brain. This project aims to create a spatiotemporal single cell resolution map of the developing human neocortex to establish how many distinct cell types are present and to unravel their complex developmental history. BICCN Limited to health, medical, biomedical purposes, use of data is limited to not-for-profit organizations.
lein_lein_pseq_tx Ed Lein A multimodal atlas of human brain cell types: Transcriptomic profiles of individual human cortical neurons were assayed by the SMART-seq v4 single nucleus RNA-seq method following acute brain slice patch-clamp electrophysiology recordings and nucleus extraction—i.e. the Patch-seq method. Surgically-resected brain tissue specimens were collected with patient consent and in the course of neurosurgical procedures for tumor removal or for treatment of epilepsy. De-identified patient metadata were also collected and accompany the dataset comprised of 318 human cortical neurons from the temporal>frontal>parietal lobes of 56 unique donors. BICCN Limited to neurological disorders


Obtaining NDA Approval

Permissions for restricted data access at NeMO are being facilitated by the NIMH Data Archive (NDA). NDA and NeMO are working together to ensure a smooth process. NDA provides an SOP for institutionally sponsored data access requests here, however this page outlines the steps required for NeMO-specific restricted data access. Users having previously been granted dbGap access for NeMO associated datasets will be contacted individually by NeMO, and can proceed to creation of an institutional google account.

1) Create an NDA account

Create an NDA account here. NDA ACCOUNT REQUESTS MUST BE MADE USING AN INSTITUTIONAL EMAIL ADDRESS. Account requests made from a personal account will not be honored by NeMO and will therefore greatly slow down the process of accessing data.

NDA request account NDA create account

2) Identify Datasets through the NDA Dashboard

Log in to the NDA Permissions Dashboard. Here you can identify relevant BRAIN/NeMO Data Archives dataset(s) within the NDA Controlled Access Permission Group table of the dashboard. To the right is an 'Actions' dropdown. Select "Request Access".
You must work at a research institution that has an active Federal-Wide Assurance in order to initiate a data access request.

NDA permissions groups

3) Data Access Request Tool

This will open the Data Access Request Tool where you will enter a) the title of your research and Research Data Use Statement, b) the Signing Official at your research institution, and c) contact information for you and your collaborators. Please carefully review the following screenshots with directions for properly filling out all sections of the request tool.

Request Access Instructions Page:

NDA request access

Research Data Use Statement:

Data access requests for controlled access permission groups should include a Research Data Use Statement that appropriately addresses consent-based data use limitations for that permission group. All BRAIN/NeMO datasets are listed in the NDA Controlled Access Permission Group table. Look at the “Data Use Limitations” field to determine if there are consent-based data use limitations to which authorized researchers must adhere.

NDA request access details

Authorized Research Institute:

You must work at a research institution that has an active Federal-Wide Assurance in order to initiate a data access request. The signing official(s) associated with your institution will automatically appear as a selectable option.

NDA authorized institute

Other Access Recipients:

Each data access application should be restricted to users from a single institution. If you have collaborators at other organizations, they must submit a separate data access application, WITH THE FOLLOWING IMPORTANT EXCEPTION:
Contact information MUST include the following NeMO account in order to ensure that NeMO receives notification of your access approval: Heather Creasy, You can add this by using the 'Search for users outside your institution' function.

NDA other access recipients

4) Download Data Use Certificate (DUC)

Download and sign the Data Use Certification PDF from the Data Access Request Tool and complete with signatures by both investigator and institutional Signing Official. Contact the NDA Help Desk if you need assistance identifying Signing Officials at your research institution.

NDA agreement

DUC saved

5) Upload signed DUC

Log into the NDA Permissions Dashboard and upload the signed DUC on the “Active Requests” section on the top of the NDA Permissions Dashboard.

Active requests

Upload DUC

Upload DUC agreement

6) Your data access request will be reviewed by an NIH Data Access Committee (DAC).

7) Access request decision

NDA will inform investigators and NeMO of a final access decision, at which time NeMO will reach out to all investigators and collaborators included on the access request. It is critical that the NeMO account indicated above be included in your original DUC submission in order for NeMO to receive notification of your request approval. NeMO will grant data access to investigator for one year, after which investigators will need to reapply for access using the process described above.

Creating an institutional Google account

Consented data will be available from NeMO through Google Cloud Platform (gcp). Please read the following carefully:

Any consented user wishing to download data must create a google account at, USING THE SAME INSTITUTIONAL EMAIL ADDRESS USED FOR NDA ACCOUNT CREATION.

If you are not currently logged in as a google user, select "Create a Google Account" at the bottom of the screen. If you are currently logged in as a google user, you can select "Use Another Account" and then "Create Account". When creating an account, you should see an option to use a current email address instead of creating an address. Be sure to select this and sign up with your institutional email address. Following remaining prompts to create your account.

google new user account set up google current user new account set up google account add email google account institutional email

Documentation on accessing data through google cloud platform is coming soon.

Questions or Comments? Please contact us.